Bourne House Members

Dylan Davids

My name is Dylan Davids, and I am a returning ACC member. I am 24 years old and hail from Royal Oak Michigan, a suburb outside of Detroit where I lived until moving out to Cape Cod for my first year with the program. I attended Michigan State University where I got a degree in Media Arts and Information, but my career path hopefully lies in Land Management. Through my first year, I gained an interest in this topic, as well as animal rescue and release.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to all 50 states in our beautiful country and it is what inspired me to pick up to the torch of environmental volunteering, something I hope to pursue my entire life.

Dylan is placed both with the Town of Barnstable Department of Public Works and the Barnstable Land Trust. 

Cynthia Slemmer

I am 27 years old and was born and raised in Washington, DC. Two years ago, I moved to Massachusetts and have been working at the tea shop Teavana where I have developed an appreciation for different kinds of teas and learned a lot about the importance of good customer service.

My interest in the environment and natural resource management was sparked by attending a conference sponsored by the World Bank when I was a middle school student. The program focused on the effects of global warming and reducing our carbon footprint. It inspired me to get more involved in my community and in my church. I became a volunteer at the national American Red Cross and provided snacks and support for people working in the DC-based National Disaster Operations Center. My previous hands-on environmental experience was gutting houses with my Episcopal youth group which traveled to New Orleans for a mission trip after Hurricane Katrina. A lot of houses were destroyed in the aftermath of that storm and there were thousands of people who lost their homes, all their belongings and left their communities. It felt good to be helpful in some small way.

I have had three very different college experiences. My first college experience was in England as an Event Management student at the University of Greenwich outside of London. I spent two additional years of college in a small town in Vermont, which was a big shift. I am now enrolled as an online student at Johnson and Wales studying Hospitality. In my free time, I love movies, enjoy nature and portrait photography.

Cynthia is placed with the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee. 

Hannah Bourassa

Hello, my name is Hannah. I am 23 years old, from Stafford, Virginia. I attended Virginia Commonwealth University where I studied Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. My emergency preparedness background is limited, aside from what I learned in the classroom. I plan to translate what I learned in school to the real world. I enjoy traveling, going to the beach, cooking, and photography.

I am beyond excited to form new relationships and gain experience, all while serving the Cape Cod community. I look forward to learning as much as I can and challenging myself in this new environment!

Hannah is placed with the American Red Cross of the Cape & islands. 

Haymar Lim

Hi, my name is Haymar. I am 22 years old and was born in Southern California, near Los Angeles. When I was 10 years old my family moved to New York City, where I lived until I finished high school. I then went to McGill University in Montreal where I studied biology and theater and graduated last spring. Throughout high school and college, I involved myself in many student groups including the NYC All City Marching Band, the Village Community Boathouse, the McGill Outdoors Club, several theater groups and more. I also interned for the EdLab at Teachers College Columbia University. My collective experiences have cultivated a rather wide set of interests, but two of the strongest feelings to come out of them is love for community and love for the environment. I hope to foster these passions further through my service year at Cape Cod.

Haymar is placed both with the Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment and with Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Jason Bertrand

Hi! My name is Jason I am 22 years old, and I am form a small town in Pennsylvania called Coudersport. In the spring, I graduated with a degree in History and Political Science from Boston College. Boston College puts a heavy emphasis on service for their students, and it was something that I wasn’t heavily involved in. Now that I have graduated I am thrilled for the chance to give back. Even though I currently reside in Pennsylvania, I’ve always considered Cape Cod a second home. Most of my extended family lives on the Cape, and I have lived and worked on Cape Cod for the past three summers, so I am excited for the opportunity to serve the community that I have grown up around and love. For the past four summers, I have worked as a summer camp counselor, which has rekindled a love for the outdoors and helped draw me to the AmeriCorps Cape Cod program.

Jason is placed with the Barnstable County Resource Development and AmeriCorps Cape Cod office.

Gen Devine

Hello, my name is Genevieve but almost everyone calls me Gen. I am 23 and am from the Boston area. I am a recent graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a major in Marine Safety/Environmental Protection and a minor in Marine Biology. While in school, I was privileged to intern with organizations such as NOAA, the New England Aquarium, the National Marine Life Center and the Coastal America Foundation. Most of my professional interests and experience center around various marine animals such as dolphins, lobsters, turtles, and seals. I enjoy constantly learning new things and talking to people about their experiences. I also enjoy traveling and love to learn about the history of the places I visit. In my spare time, I enjoy teaching and practicing yoga, hiking, reading and spending time with my family and friends.

Gen is placed with both the Town of Sandwich Natural Resources Department and the Town of Mashpee Department of Natural Resources.

Jack Moriarty

I’m thrilled to be serving with the AmeriCorps Cape Cod program in my home state of Massachusetts. I’m 25 years old and grew up on the North Shore in Boxford, MA and attended Masconomet Regional High School and Boston University. At BU, I earned a BA & MA in political science and wrote my graduate thesis on healthcare policy. I’ve spent the last three years in the healthcare field – first in healthcare IT with Allscripts in Raleigh, NC and later in Chicago, IL with Boston-based primary care startup Iora Health. In my free time, I love rooting for Boston sports teams, watching theatrical productions, and actively engaging in politics.

I look forward to learning from and partnering with the residents, municipalities, and institutions of Barnstable County to help collaboratively address the Cape’s most pressing regional challenges.

Jack is placed with the Cape Cod Commission. 

Taryn Szalay

Hi! My name is Taryn, and I’m from a small town outside of Akron, OH. I am 22 years old and I am a recent graduate of The College of Wooster in Wooster, OH with a degree in biology. While in college, I had the opportunity to intern for two incredible non-profit organizations: the National Marine Life Center (Bourne, MA), and Mote Marine Laboratory (Sarasota, FL). When in school, I spent most of my time running track, working on campus, and eating Chipotle. My senior thesis was centered on betta fish genetics, and I hope to continue my education and earn my Ph. D. focusing on conservation genetics in different shark species.

In my spare time, I love hiking, eating food, scuba diving, watching basketball games (go Cavs!), and being outdoors. I am excited to be back in the Cape for the next year to help the community and the environment!

Taryn is placed with the Town of Falmouth Conservation Commission, the Town of Falmouth Marine and Environmental Services, and the 300 Committee. 

Corey Bray

My name is Corey Bray and I am 25 years old. I graduated from Old Dominion University (ODU), located in Norfolk, Virginia in 2016, where I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Marine Biology and minored in Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Science. I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, running, canoeing, and scuba diving. I am also an Eagle Scout, and became a member of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity while attending ODU where I held a variety of leadership positions. I was a member of the program this past year, and hope to continue gaining experience in conservation while serving the Cape Cod community. Following AmeriCorps, I am interested in pursuing a Master’s degree and career in conservation and environmental education.

Corey is placed with both the Town of Yarmouth Conservation Department and the Mass Audubon Coastal Waterbird Program. 

Emily Baker

Hi! My name is Emily. I am 25 years old and I am from Savannah, GA. I graduated from Jacksonville State University with a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Marine Biology. While in college, I spent two summers studying at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. I had the opportunity to do a dependent study on stable isotope analysis of manatee ear bones to determine feeding habits. After college, I worked as a marine science educator at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center leading tours about beach and marsh ecology as well as teaching classroom programs and working in the gallery. For the past three years, I have volunteered with the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project monitoring sea turtle nesting on the island.

This past year I served as an AmeriCorps member with the Maryland Conservation Corps at Assateague State Park. While there, I taught environmental education to school groups and park visitors, worked on conservation projects and worked with a variety of animals including fish, reptiles, and raptors.

One of my hobbies is music. I play the flute and marched in high school and college (Blow Southerners!). I also enjoy spending time outdoors biking, hiking, kayaking and exploring new places. I am passionate about the environment and look forward to serving with AmeriCorps Cape Cod!

Emily is placed with both the Town of Barnstable Marine and Environmental Affairs and the Town of Barnstable Conservation Divisions. 

Rikki Brown

I’m 24 and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I went to Oklahoma State University, where I studied Natural Resource Ecology and Management with a concentration in Wildlife. I also minored in Spanish and was able to study abroad in Puebla, Mexico for a semester. After graduating I served a half-time AmeriCorps term at a Tulsa nonprofit that serves adults diagnosed with mental illness. While I was there I worked in the community garden and food pantry and helped clients prepare healthy meals. I also enjoyed volunteering at the local nature center, where I led full moon walks. I like reading, cooking, and being outdoors. I’m excited to explore Cape Cod and serve the community with AmeriCorps!

Rikki is placed with the Barnstable County Cooperative Extension Services. 

Danielle Helmes

Hello! My name is Danielle and I am 23 years old. I am from Clermont, Florida which is a smaller town right outside of Orlando. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, and generally just exploring new places. I recently graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa majoring in Biology with a concentration in Animal Biology. I have a passion for the environment, conservation, animals, and traveling which I am excited to pursue these passions through AmeriCorps Cape Cod.

This past year I had the opportunity to do my first AmeriCorps program called the Maryland Conservation Corp located in southern Maryland. Through this program, I received experience in environmental conservation doing things such as tree reforestation’s, stream and wetland restorations, and barn owl research. I am excited to gain further experience and meet new people during my time in Cape Cod.

Danielle is placed with the National Marine Life Center.