Individual Placements

What is an Individual Placement?

Individual Placements (IPs) are an opportunity for our members to head out into their community and serve with the local municipalities and non-profits.  Each member will be assigned a host site that they will serve at 2-3 days a week (Tuesday-Thursday), where they will complete projects for that organization in an internship style format.

For the most part, each member is assigned to their own unique service site, however a few of our placements may carry multiple members.  On some occasions, members may be assigned to multiple sites and rotate between them during their member year, depending on project needs.

IPs are a fantastic professional development opportunity for our members.  Serving in a professional office setting or out in the field, members will get to take the lead on projects that can vary from volunteer program development, land management plan development & implementation, research, event planning, and more!  Members will get to serve under our Service Partners: municipal & non-profit employees who act as supervisors/mentors for our members on their year-long IP journey.

Prospective Members

To make sure our applicants are applying for the entire experience, we recruit for the program as a whole rather than for specific placements.  If accepted into the AmeriCorps Cape Cod program, you will spend your first few weeks learning about the placements we have selected for your year.  You will have the chance to discuss the placements with our staff, and together we will determine the best fit for you.  If you are interested in what sorts of placements we typically have, check out the list below of the placements from this past program year.

Disclaimer: Although many of our placements reapply and remain year to year, we also have new placements that come along and replace others.  Therefore any past placement (or corresponding project) listed below may not be a placement for the upcoming year.

Current IP Projects:

Barnstable County AmeriCorps Cape Cod

Year 19 Individual Placements

Location (Town) Service Partner Organization/            Department Placement Title Placement Description
Town Placements
Barnstable Barnstable DPW – Structures & Grounds Land Bank and Conservation Restoration Mapping of Land Bank/CPC properties and implementing a trail marking system and management plan for those properties. Serves alongside Conservation Department and their service member to implement, improve, and identify trail maintenance, marking systems, kiosks, and a maintenance plans.
Barnstable Barnstable Conservation Division Conservation Area Trail Improvement Develop multiple trail improvement projects, including trail blazing (marking), stream crossing footbridges, updating natural history guide markers, and earthen step systems.  Updating trail maps, guides and interactive web links at trail kiosks.
Barnstable Town of Barnstable Shellfish Department Shellfish Propagation Volunteer and Educator AmeriCorps Member Assist with the coordination of weekly volunteer events; create shellfishing classes for the public; create a presentation to be used for outreach; assist Natural Resources staff with shellfish propogation tasks.
Brewster Department of Natural Resources Brewster Natural Resources Collaboration AmeriCorps Member Assist in the areas of water quality monitoring, shellfish aquaculture, conservation land management and public safety. Coordinate volunteer projects and large community outreach events.  Collaborative placement with Brewster Conservation Trust.
Chatham Department of Natural Resources: Shellfish Chatham Shellfish Research and Marine Education in the Community Assist with the long-term shellfish survey through data collection and data assessment; perform all aspects of shellfish propagation projects. Coordinates with Pleasant Bay Community Boating Science Director to build, test, and teach STEM education kits for local schools, and developing an educational aquaculture program.
Dennis Dennis Natural Resources Natural Resources Public Outreach AmeriCorps Member Assist with the design and implentation of new projects to benefit the community.  Projects include trail connectivity in conjunction with the Dennis Conservation Trust, handicape accessable gardens; and community events with schools. Collaborative placement with Dennis Conservation Trust.
Eastham Department of Natural Resources Certification of Vernal Pools and Planning Oyster Fishery and Outreach Gather all required information at town’s potential vernal pools.  Look at specific habitat, characteristics, take photo and video docuementation as well as create maps to be submitted for certification.  Create a plan to grow out town’s oyster recreational oyester program in Cape Cod Bay and developing an outreach program for families in the community.
Falmouth Marine and Environmental Services Shellfish Division Shellfish Program Volunteer Corps Management Develop and manage Falmouth MES Shellfish Division’s growing volunteer corps in order to effectively utilize the program’s need for volunteers.  The project encompasses developing tools and strategies for recruiting and retraining new volunteers, as well as project scheduling.
Falmouth Conservation Commission Land Management Program AmeriCorps Member Create a management plan for the monitoring of public access to water and the resources contained within them.  This will be accomplished through the collection of baseline data for each access point and establishing an annual monitoring and rating schedule.  Collaborative placement with the 300 Committee.
Harwich/       Chatham Harwich Department of Conservation, Harwich Conservation Trust and Chatham Conservation Foundation Harwich Conservation Land AmeriCorps Member Assist with conservation land baseline documentation and boundary mapping; assist with Herring count and eel migration ramp; Lead outreach walks for the public; and coordinate group projects. Joint placement with the Harwich Conservation Trust and Chatham Conservation Foundation.
Mashpee Natural Resourses: Shellfish Shellfish Water Quality Restoration AmeriCorps Member Participate in all aspects of aquaculture, including measurement for growth and gear maintenance; assist with water quality monitoring by collecting water samples, field data and maintenance equipment; and organize group service projects.
Orleans Tree Department Tree Inventory AmeriCorps Member Continue town-wide tree inventory; track and resolve potentially hazardous trees; assist with maintenance of town trees; and educate the public about urban forests. Collaborative placement with Orleans Conservation Trust.
Provincetown Planning and Conservation Department Land Management and Maintenance AmeriCorps Member Develop monitoring report forms and collect base line data for all identified conservation lands; establish a land stewardship program; coordinate land maintenace projects.
Sandwich Town of Sandwich Department of Natural Resources Scorton Creek Shellfish Restoration AmeriCorps Member Assist with the restoration of shellfish to an area of Scorton Creek that has been closed to the harvesting of shellfish for over 40 years.  Create an outdoor classrom for students in the Sandwich High School STEM Academy.
Truro/ Wellfleet Truro Conservation Department/Wellfleet Health and Conservation Sharin’ in the Groove (of the outer Cape) Land management monitoring and tracking, vernal pool identification and certification program, watershed action planning, and Eastern Box Turtle and Diamond Back Terrapin habitat monitoring and education program.  Collaborative placement between Truro and Wellfleet.
Yarmouth Conservation Office and Natural Resources Division Yarmouth Environmental Stewardship Program Expand support base of civic groups, consisting of boy/girl scouts, AmeriCorps and Senior Environmental Corps to include a network of local residents as stewards of conservation lands, trails, and water bodies.
County Placements
Barnstable Cape Cod Cooperative Extension WET Festival, Hazardous Waste Mitigation and Native Plant Project Coordinate all WET Festival education events including scheduling and planning for following year; assist with Hazardous Waste Program outreach and education materials, as well as Hazardous Waste tracking and collection.  Providing ecuation, developing plant material and providing access to native plant material.
Barnstable Cape Cod Commission Stormwater Infrastructure Mapping Assist Cape Cod communities with stormwater management throught gathering resources, collaborating on public interface tools, and helping to create a regional regional stormwater infrastructure inventory.
Barnstable Department of Health and Environment Waste Water Research AmeriCorps Member Perform tests and research on wastewater treatments systems, particularly onsite septic systems. Specifically studying the  treatment performance of septic systems in relation to nitrogen and other contaminant.
Barnstable Department of Health and Environment: Regional Emergency Planning Committee Emergency Planning AmeriCorps Member Assist with gathering information for the long-term disaster recovery/resiliency plan; create and organize community presentations inorder to recruit, train and engage volunteers to assist with Regional Shelter Planning; provide support to the MACC during operations.
Federal/State Placements
Falmouth Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Environmental Education AmeriCorps Member Assist with the planning, preperation and presentation of programs and events that support the Reserve’s efforts to increase community resilience to the impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and changes to water quality.  Coordinate and conduct environmental education classes to school groups.
Wellfleet Cape Cod National Seashore Fire and Safety Management AmeriCorps Member Recruit, coordinate and lead volunteer groups to assist with fire management and resource management within the Cape Cod National Seashore; assist with fire-chainsaw leadership training and safety inventoring/monitoring.
Wellfleet Cape Cod National Seashore FireCorps Conduct wildland fire mitigation and habitat restoration projects through fuel reduction projects and prescribed burns.  Assist with the research of fire effects on Cape Cod ecosystems.                    (6 Members)
Wellfleet Cape Cod National Seashore National Seashore Planning AmeriCorps Member Assist with long-term park planning, land management projects and continued implementation of the Highlands Center project.  Continue to facilitate the implementation of the park’s Climate Friendly Action Plan with the Green Team.
Non-Profit Placements
Barnstable American Red Cross Preparedness Education AmeriCorps Member Schedule and facilitate preparedness education presentations to all age groups; engage and train volunteers to assist with community trainings; Organize Boy and Girl Scout Annual Energency Preparedness Fair.
Barnstable Barnstable Land Trust Property Monitoring and Trail Improvement Monitoring, inventory and maintenance of the properties protected by Barnstable Land Trust.  This including creating and improving trail signage, marking, usability and boundary monitoring.
Barnstable Mass Audubon Coastal Waterbird Program Building a volunteer program to protect beach habitats and wildlife Develop a volunteer program–the Beach Stewards Project– that will provide support for the protection of beaches and wildlife.  Assists with developing a strategic plan for the Beach Stewards project, creating outreach materials and training for volunteers, recruiting for and piloting the project.
Bourne National Marine Life Center Marine Animal Rehabilitation and Environmental Education AmeriCorps Member Participate in and improve upon rehabilitation program for sea turtles and seals; train new volunteers; provide environmental education programs to the public.
Brewster Brewster Conservation Trust Brewster Natural Resources Collaboration AmeriCorps Member Assist with the stewardship of conservation land through the documentation of parcel boundries, assemblying parcel notebooks and developing management recommendations.  Coordinate volunteer projects and large community outreach events.  Collaborative placement with Town of Brewster.
Dennis Association to Preserve Cape Cod Volunteer & Outreach AmeriCorps Member Assist with information gathering and development of educational materials for homeowners around ponds and within watersheds; organize trainings for volunteers; organize outreach programs related to ponds parterning with various pond associations; and assist with projects at the APCC Living Landscape Laboratory.
Dennis Dennis Conservation Trust DCT Land Management AmeriCorps Member Developing an event schedule for 2018 that would include educational programs, coordinating and managing monthly property clean-ups, developing a Town/Trust Trail Guide, and organize volunteer recruitment events.  Collaborative placement with Town of Dennis.
Orleans Orleans Conservation Trust Land Stewardship and Outreach AmeriCorps Member Assist with the coordination of land steward volunteers for property monitoring and land management work days; complete land acquisition files; organize and promote educational programs and community events.  Collaborative placement with Town of Orleans.
Yarmouth IFAW – Marine Mammal Rescue & Research Program IFAW Response and Education AmeriCorps Member Coordinate and participate in education/outreach events promoting work of IFAW and marine mammal conservation; Assist staff on critical aspects of live and dead marine mammal stranding response.