Wells “FireCorps” House Members

Daniel Primi

I’m 22 years old, born and raised in the Cape Canaveral area in Florida. I attended Central Wyoming College in pursuit of an Environmental Science Degree. Prior to AmeriCorps Cape Cod, I worked for a local non-profit affiliated with Keep America Beautiful to lessen the impact of invasive plants along the coastal region. I enjoy working outdoors and am working toward a career in forestry, land management, and conservation. A handful of my interests are reading, exploring the outdoors, running long distance and travel. I’ve worked on a couple of farms around the country, including a vineyard in Washington state; I hope to have my own one day.

Duncan Gilbert

Howdy, I just turned 23 this past July and I finally feel like I have a solid direction in life with the FireCorps. The time after high school was a bumpy road shrouded in uncertainty. I bounced back and forth between jobs, attending colleges and chasing degrees that I didn’t have any plans to use. In January 2016, I hit a point in my life where I knew I needed a change and applied for AmeriCorps positions all over the United States.

That following May I moved to Vermont to work as a trail steward with the Cross Vermont Trail Association. I found myself revitalized with motivation and confidence, and although it was only a 450-hour program I changed more during that small period than I had in the last 4 years. I immediately planned to repeat the following year and to search for a yearlong position afterward. And so, I found the FireCorps.

The FireCorps represents a greater challenge that I want to overcome, something that will push me to further better myself. It will guide me towards a career in firefighting, which is a distant horizon that I feel I can finally chase with a passion worthy of life.

Jamie Olmer

I grew up in a small town in Nebraska where I spent a lot of time on my grandparents’ farm. After graduating high school from a neighboring town, I attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha for six years, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in History and Religious Studies with minors in Art History, Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Geography, and Sociology. After college, I joined FEMA Corps and served on a GIS team for four disasters in 2016 (Louisiana twice, West Virginia, and South Carolina). In November 2016, I joined the Texas Conservation Corps as a masonry apprentice working at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. Next I will be working for the Student Conservation Association in Alaska doing conservation and trail work projects for the summer, and then move to Cape Cod to join the FireCorps in September.

Kerry Morrow

I’m Kerry and I’ll be 24 this August. I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I went to Eastern Kentucky University for Fire, Arson, Explosion Investigation. I have spent the past five and a half months with the Palmetto Conservation Corps, another AmeriCorps program in South Carolina that primarily dealt with maintaining the Palmetto hiking trail and adding bridges to help people access the trails easier which runs from mountains to sea and through lots of swampy areas. My main interests, besides hiking and fires, includes yoga and my two-year-old furry best friend, Roscoe, a Rottweiler/malamute mix.

Allison Cottrell

I am 21 years old and I am from Texas. I received a Bachelor’s of Science from The University of North Texas in Ecology for Environmental Science with a Minor in Chemistry. At UNT I worked in a Benthic Ecology lab working to identify macro-invertebrates from stream and pond samples. I became interested in AmeriCorps after deciding to take a gap year between my Bachelor’s degree and starting my Master’s degree. The opportunity to see another part of the country while gaining work experience in the environmental science field was too good to pass up.

Nicole Madden

I am 23 years old and originally from Binghamton, New York. I graduated from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry with an Aquatic Science and Fisheries degree. This will be my second term with AmeriCorps with my first being part of the Maryland Conservation Corps for Assateague State Park located in Berlin, Maryland. I have minimal fire experience but am hoping to learn everything I can to hopefully further my career goals of becoming a wetland restoration expert.